Online Skincare Consultations

A skin consultation is time for you.

AlumierMD skincare is medical grade meaning our skincare actually works. We use active ingredients, with high concentrations, making our skincare powerful, and it needs to be used responsibly. A consultation with myself, your licensed skincare professional, not only means I can ensure you are using the right skincare for your skin type and skin concern (there is SO much choice it can be overwhelming), but that you are going to use it in the best way to maximise on the results whilst reducing potential irritability thats often associated with medical grade skincare. 


What happens during a skincare consultation?

Step one

The initial consultation form is downloaded from above and returned to me, via email once completed, along with 3 photos of your skin. This will give me an understanding of your skin type, skin concerns and any skin conditions you may have. It also give me an insight into your current skincare routine and what you would like to achieve.

Step two

Once I have all the information required, I can start to build your personal profile. You will receive my expert advice and opinion on your skin and get more of an understanding as to why it may be behaving the way it is. You'll receive a personalised home care prescription with an explanation of how to use each product to maximise results and why they will benefit your skin, target your concerns and help treat your skin conditions. You will receive an exclusive invite to the AlumierMD online portal, where you will see all your prescribed home care as recommended by myself.

Step three

You can take your time to have a read through each product and learn the science behind them. If you wish, you can then order directly through the online portal and get the products delivered to your door within 2-3 days. Your new skin care will be delivered within 2-3 days and you can start your journey to achieve your best skin yet.  I always follow up with my clients to check how they are getting on with any new products and I am always available through email or social media if you have any questions or concerns.