Who is Alice?

I love my dogs, I love being pampered, I love skincare, and I love giving people confidence in their skin...

Hey, if you haven't guessed already, I'm Alice!

Whenever I book in for treatments I always like to know who it is i'll be seeing so here's a little bit (or a lot) about me.

I've been a dental nurse since 2011, (hair dresser prior to that), dabbled in practice management for a couple of years and trained dental nurses for a large corporate company. I'm still a registered dental nurse, but I do one or two days every few months on a locum basis, which is really flexible meaning I can focus my time and prioritise my skin days!

I suffered with my skin since my early teenage years. And when it came to skin products, well, you name it, I tried it! To some people my skin wouldn't of been bad, but I would never leave the house without make up, and I had zero confidence in general. I started investing in my skin and having skin treatments a few years back and I was happy with the changes. But I never had 'that glow' that I wanted, and I still had marks from old spots, and still got multiple breakouts. Anyway, my lovely facialist at the time introduced AlumierMD to her clinic and I started having the peels done. What a difference it made! My skin looked GOOD! To cut an already very long story short, I found out early in 2019 that because I was a medical professional (registered with the General Dental Council), I was actually able to train with AlumierMD and carry out medical grade treatments. Dream come true! Within 3 months of finding out this information, I'd completed the professional education and training direct with AlumierMD educators, I left my old dental nursing job, turned my spare bedroom into a treatment room and now here I am... I am the very proud owner of Skin by Alice, running regular clinics, treating the best clients and doing a 'job' that I am so passionate about and committed to. Since doing the training I switched all my home care products to AlumierMD, and even when I didn't think it could, my skin improved so much more. The science and expertise that is behind this brand is mind blowing. I love the fact that I can now give others the confidence that AlumierMD has given me. 

I just wish I knew about them 10 years ago!

I personally love to be pampered and I love to see results, so I will only ever chose the very best treatments and skincare to offer at my clinics, along with the much needed luxury touches and TLC of course. 

I look forward to meeting you soon.